32k Rigid hitch

 Our 32k 5th wheel trailer hitch is a bolt down RV hitch featuring the Holland/Binkley head. Medium Duty Trucks (MDT) need a heavy duty and low profile 5th wheel hitch and if you decide that you don't want an air ride hitch, this is it. The 32k fifth wheel RV hitch is rated for up to 8,000 pounds of pin weight and up to a 32,000 pound trailer. It is adjustable in height from 11" to 14". Compare this to the 30k Reese fifth wheel hitch for quality differences.

 The jaws on the Holland/Binkley are 1 1/8" thick, the thickest in the industry. It has an automatic locking system, making hookup a breeze. The jaws fully encircle the pin and a ductile iron locking block slides in the back side of the jaws to keep them from opening up. A safety pin holds the block in place. Once this safety pin is engaged, there is no way for the hitch to unhook. Disconnect is a single step process with no need to remove strain against the jaws. We supply a handle kit to make it easy to unhook from outside the truck. If you would like to padlock the hitch to keep someone from opening it inadvertently, there is a 3/8" hole for that purpose.


  • The 32k model is $1295 + shipping


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